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About Reliant Mold and Inspections

Reliant Mold Testing and Inspections was founded with a primary goal to offer residents and business owners an affordable mold testing service without being upsold to restoration companies. Our goal is to provide honest testing results and let the client know what options are available and what routes they can take moving forward. The mold industry is ever growing and companies left and right are trying to take advantage of homeowners and tenants by recommending services before proper tests are ever utilized. We’ve seen clients in mid remediation when in fact there was never mold in the first place. Reliant Mold Testing and Inspections wants our customers to have all the facts before making difficult decisions like restoration or remediation.

Stop Mold From Growing

If you believe you have mold growing in your home, in your business, or on a property you occupy – contact us right away before matters get worse. It’s imperative that you stop mold from growing as soon as possible as toxins have been proven to be extremely dangerous to those who breathe them in on a regular basis. We’ll show you the evidence before making any of those hard decisions on your own.