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Air Quality Inspections

On indoor air quality investigations we utilize some of the below tools and our experience and knowledge to test for common contaminates and IAQ parameters including temperature & humidity, elevated mold spore levels, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, formaldehyde, and hundreds of volatile organic compounds.

Our certified Indoor air quality or IAQ testing specialists provides inspections for homes owners, renter, and commercial building managers, with mold, unusual odors, and other indoor air issues. You must let us know ahead of time if you desire mold or IAQ testing or both so we can bring the proper equipment and budget the proper amount of time.

Your Concerns

Have unusual odors such as sulfur, chemical, musty, fishy, animal or unidentifiable odors in your commercial or residential building? Suffering from nausea, dizziness, headache or allergy like symptoms? You may need the services of a local indoor air quality inspection / IAQ testing firm or a mold inspector.

The goal of our investigations is to provide you with a clear understandable report on the types and levels of various indoor air contaminates and their likely sources. We also provide suggestions on how to rectify any mold or general indoor air quality problem we identify.