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Mold Testing & Inspection In Livingston, TX

Are you looking for mold testing services in Livingston? Reliant Mold Testing will bring you answers with a detailed inspection by our knowledgeable technicians consequently you can have the clarity you want for your home or property. Our staff is dedicated to getting fast, affordable mold testing results to you fast. If there are suspicious indications of excess moisture upon a wall we can gather in-wall samples to discover if there is an issue beneath the surface. Surface sample collection is used afterward visible mold growth is present or suspected. Clear species of fungus are not easily airborne unless bothered; this includes the feared dangerous black mold stachybotrys. Identifying the species is valuable in determining whether the growth could be handled by yourself or if there’s a need to reach out for professional intervention. Our air sample collection process also gives you definitive evidence showcasing the current state of your property’s air quality so you can finally get the peace of mind you need.

Why you might want a mold inspection:

  • Recent Water Damage – damage to your residence by rising water
  • Health Problems – going through signs of mold exposure
  • Visible Growth – there is growths on walls
  • Moldy Smells – smells even without visual evidence
  • Real Estate Transactions – obtain proper reports pre-sale


mold testing and inspection in Livingston

Mold inspections with expert analysis

Analyzing anything that seems like mold discovered in your property could be important to identifying which Genus of mold(s) are present and could be affecting your indoor air quality. Our company will put all our findings in an assessment report for you plus your sample results in order for you to proceed with remediation, real estate transaction or with your Landlord or Builder to remedy the mold problem(s).

Moisture Detections

Whenever there’s mold we usually find moisture. By pinpointing the origin of water as well as locating hard to find water intrusion sources so we can hone in our investigation in the proper spots. Where there’s water damage from a leak, flood, or natural event we can zero in on and assess the loss along with identifying the presence of mold to make professional recommendations on the correct ways to return the residence or building to a safe and healthy state.

Infrared Thermal Monitoring Equipment

Reliant uses FLIR infrared cameras to enhance our inspections. This state of the art, industry standard technology allows our team to inspect and identify potential sources of moisture to accurately determine mold investigations. This will guide our team to make conclusions and feedback for next steps during the inspection.

Certified Mold Inspections

We value ourcertification, expertise, and experience. Conducting high quality mold inspections require all three. All of our inspectors, consultants, and project managers are Certified Mold Inspectors (ACAC and/or MICRO). To protect your liability, property, and well being, it’s vital to call upon the services of a qualified and certified mold inspector.

No Conflict of Interest

Reliant Mold Testing won’t perform mold removal, repair, or construction. Our company has no desire in the outcome of our report other than to ensure you have the info needed to return your office or rental property to a safe and healthy state. Our expertise guides our team and we never have a conflict of interest in regard to our findings and next step recommendations. Our team takes a fact driven approach and do only inspections and testing, never remediation.

What you should expect from your mold inspection report

Our mission at Reliant Mold Testing in Livingston is to verify the presence of a mold problem, find the origin, calculate the radius and any damage. The mold inspection conducted by our inspectors will deliver a fully comprehensive report of all of the above. You can take comfort that while every inspection is unique in itself, all our Livingston mold inspectors have witnessed results very similar to yours. When the report is complete you will have a better understanding of what is growing and exactly what does or does not need to be fixed. Every report comes in a PDF that provides insight into each investigated area having a well written and visual analysis of each spot. In the event of report comes to you with proper actions needed, we provide every customer with a industry standard guide for restoration. Once a building is inspected, we can make the next steps. Call us or submit a quote request form quickly if you believe that there’s mold in your office or home.

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